In spring 2021 “Youth Ocean Action” will hold an International Conference in Eastbourne, UK, involving young people to explore the dangers of plastic pollution that our Planet is facing today.

Please note: the date has been changed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as The Devonshire Conference centre not being finished on time. Please follow our updates to stay informed.

Workshops will be organised to find viable solutions and offer policies to present to Governments and people all over our Planet.

Wow, Abby and Andy have created an ideal business in South Street where you can bring your own containers and buy the amount that you need from glass jars! No plastic in their shop and we congratulate them on joining our growing list of YOA Plastic Champions!


This is really tragic news because it just shows how the gross incompetence of the Government has allowed plastics to be exported instead of being recycled. This process was exposed a few weeks ago when it was shown that firms are actually PAID to export bales of plastics!

Fantastic news! DEFRA have listened to the Marine Conservation Society and designated a whole raft of new Marine Conservation Zones, including one off Beachy Head! @mcsuk @DefraGovUK

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