Background and Concept 

The main part of our work is aimed at organising an International Conference on the dangers of Plastic Pollution, to be held, thanks to Eastbourne Borough Council, in the brand new Devonshire Conference Centre, in May 2019. There have been several International Conferences on Ocean Pollution, but they have been aimed at politicians and business leaders. Nothing has been done for the public, who are the main polluters. We are planning to put this right by inviting teenagers from all round the world to come and learn about the dangers of uncontrolled pollution of our Oceans and what they can do to reduce it. The idea is that they will develop policies during the “workshops” which will be part of the Conference. They will then go back to their home countries as “Ocean Guardians” and they will pass on this information to their Governments in order to start movements which will spread the message of cleaning our Oceans so that we can all work together to save our Planet

Schedule for the event and booking system will be available soon.